This is our way to support the achievement of gender equality. This video is part of “Uni-form-less”, a visual essay conceived by Riccardo Raspa and Michela Caprera for #OdiseoMag Vol. 12 “Uniformity”. Odiseo Issue 12 explores the significance of patterns, and the need for belonging. Attempting to understand the persona – that gulf between what you are with others, and what you are alone.

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— Written & Directed by
Riccardo Raspa

* D.o.p.
Riccardo Raspa
* Styling
Michela Caprera
* Shot & Edited
Ludovico Watson
* Production
Riccardo Raspa
* Sound Design
Tommaso Bullo & Giacomo Guglielmo Gorla

Audiovisual Creative Collective & Record Label based in Milan.