Let’s imagine people who don’t know what Nature is, but who live their lives in a natural way. Le Terre Desolate is about the journay of a man looking for his essence of homo naturalis.

Jim lives in a society where technology reigns supreme and where the real meaning of Nature has radically changed. In this aseptic and geometrical world the only form of Nature that exists is a small evergreen plant that everyone is used to carrying around.

Los Angeles CineFest Semi-Finalist

— Written & Directed by
Jacopo Marzi

* Starring
Alessandro Gianotti, Paolo Riva, Michele Del Greco, Erika Corvo & Gloria D'Osvaldo
* Shot & Edited
Jacopo Marzi
* Executive Producers
Camilla Levi & Jacopo Marzi
* Production
Camilla Levi & Jacopo Marzi
* Music Composer
Tommaso Bullo & Giacomo Guglielmo Gorla
* Assistan Director
Camilla Levi
* Sound Design
Tommaso Bullo & Giacomo Guglielmo Gorla

Audiovisual Creative Collective & Record Label based in Milan.